Boston IF Gathering, Sept 14-15



A reminder: the PR-IF will be attending the Boston Festival of Independent Games, all day on Saturday, Sept 14th, at MIT.

  • Visit our table in the FIG showcase hall, MIT’s Johnson Athletic Center.
  • 3pm to 5pm: Experience a public reading of Lost Pig, a classic IF work about an orc and his pig: MIT Stratton Student Center, 3rd-floor coffeehouse. (Voices by Tom Russell and Brad Smith of the Post-Meridian Radio Players. Interactivity by you!)
  • 6:45 pm: Boston: The Cradle of Narrative Games. Panel discussion including Matthew Weise, Terri Brosius, Austin Grossman, and Infocom alumni Dave Lebling and Brian Moriarty. MIT room 10-250.

We will also be attending NoShowConf, Sept 14-15, at the MS-NERD Center near MIT. Several members and friends of the IF community will be speaking.