December 2018 Meetup: Post Mortem

IF or bust!
Zarf and Doug (not pictured anjchang and nickm)

The People’s Republic of Interactive Fiction convened on Wednesday, Dec. 5th. Zarf, doug, nickm and anjchang interacted with various feelies and viewed a C64 piece.  Warning: what follows is probably not proper English, but just my log of notes from the meeting to jog people’s memories:

Review of IFComp results.  JJ Guest won with Alias ‘The Magpie.’ We played a little of that, and it was fun.

Doug played EctoComp 2018 short winner moon goon by Caleb Wilson.

Ctagne manor almost done, so Zarf gave us a preview. It was awesome, the first 15 minutes we got to play. We had a good time.

Mentions of

Nick showed off some feelies from the NY Zine fair  hosted by the School for Poetic Computation. Check out the pictures here! His final interactive fiction class is Dec. 12, I’ll post my recap soon.@party for will be happening January 11-12. Ride the train from NYC to Montreal, create and socialize until demos.

Looking forward to seeing you at the next PR-IF meeting on Wednesday, January 16, 6:30 pm, MIT room 14N-233.