February 2019 Meeting Post Mortem

PR-IF meeting 2/21/2019 Welcome to the "The Matrix"

The People’s Republic of Interactive Fiction convened on Thursday, February. 21st. Nickm, adri, jmac, zarf, dan, and anjchang (not pictured) interacted with various feelies and viewed a translated demoscene piece.  Warning: what follows is probably not proper English, but just my log of notes from the meeting to jog people’s memories: Check out the photos

Narrascope will be awesome. June 14-16, 2019 on MIT’s campus. Rooms confirmed.

Zarf- Python drag and drop engine / Verbs discussion
Adri going to narrative summit gdc
Adri playing Night in the woods
Zarf Nebula nominees category for narrative with 3 Choice of Games titles incl Bandersnatch Black Mirror and 3 more…
Nick will lead the discussion of the Black Mirror Viewing Party & Discussion Group May 2 5-7pm in room e15-341
Nick literary seminar, literary translation. 4/26 at 1pm
He’ll be talking about the translation project from polish demoscene

Taper 3 call is extended until Mar. 1st. Make a 3kB or less HTML5/Vanilla JS digital literary work. Challenge to try to fit an interactive narrative in 3KB or less. Code golfing welcome.

Nod to Adam Thornton and Twitter hacking feats

We played Pippin barr let’s play ancient Greek punishment (also see type version)

If workshop talks by jmac and anj yesterday went well. anj’s takeaway was play more talk less. Kids at the library started playing Snack Time, A Sleeping Princess, Tales of The Traveling Swordsman, Bronze. anj played 9:05 and Dreamhold independently.

V and A games exhibit mentioned. Recommendation to go see it for:
Robin Baumgarten’s Line wobbler
Robert Yang, Clara Fernandez video interviews
Recent Trope Tank Visitor Ed Fries, Halo 2600 inventor, porting and game choices discussion
Restoring pre microprocessor games

Next we played a Polish translation by .habib joulo. Hellboj h-prg, hypertext style piece

Spring thing reg deadline by Mar 1

Oral poetics at the trope tank
Crazy chain (played at dinner)
Mornington crescent… Absurdist game
It me three #metoi

Bangbangcon May 11-12, 2019 in NYC
b0rk, recode group, Julia Evans