March 2019 Meeting Post Mortem

March 2019 PR-IF meeting

The People’s Republic of Interactive Fiction convened on Thursday, March 20, 2019. Dan, doug,zarf, nickm, mike, and anjchang (not pictured) welcomed Kevin (@KevinSavetz from Eaten By A Grue Podcast of Portland, Oregon), Jaroslav Å velch (@raguklemenso, from Prague) , Martin Roberts (@martin_vm303, Emerson College) and Paul Hagstrom (@yesterbits).  Warning: what follows is probably not proper English, but just my log of notes from the meeting to jog people’s memories: Check out the photos

Forking paths
Antic Atari 8 bit podcast
Zarf essay on if in IF Theory Reader
GDC narrative talks overview
Different models of IF
Alternative modelsm not a branching tree

Doug. Galactic puzzle hunt, started Friday, 3 teams done so far
At least one gblorb game in there
Mystery hunt text adventures
Steven Lavelle on writing team

Baba is You has finally shipped
Text arrangements windows
Kevin has been taking part in Annual ten line basic programming contest
So we all started talking about codegolfing experiences:
Twifcomp Twitter if comp
Recreation of Jasper John flag painting 1 liner
Wastes by nick
Demoscene mentioned
Haiku by nick. The group then takes a look at feelies of Basho and Computer Games an dPoetry, including the Burma shave haiku. See the photos here!

Nick mentions that Steve Meretsky is trying to put together a genealogy about puzzle games in narrative games. The group starts throwing out mentions:
Dog star adventure trs80 first type iin
Adventures in videoland…first live action video game,David Lee bard
Night trap…Rob fullop Atari 2600
The first vs. the last
Fools errand …first meta puzzle narrative?
The prisoner….mishmash of ideas..uncaregorizable
Aaron Reed, hypertext part blends,
Robin Johnson
Afternoon, typein storyspace
Dan mentions…Autocinokete
Kings quest
The Hobbit
Mystery house first graphic
Reconstruction 1988 game First activist…1989 activistism
A mind forever voyaging… Political
Deja Vu (point and click)
E-men first expandable
Portal. Activision first database exploration
Sherlock Holmes
Curses. First non infoxom. Z Machine
Thomas dish amnexia
Cragne Manor. First 80 author work.
Flexible survival.. furry multiauthor?
Aisle… One move have
Trapped in a …One room game
+ equals 3
Lurking horror
Ditch day drifter
1984 Yugo high school
Hacker …
Wishbringer… Transforming map
Eliza… First computer character
Ractor. Conversational character
Masquerade…. Real world prize
Softtalk apple 2 magazine
First non puzzle if? Pictures an exhibition IF art show
Bill Maya Storytron project
.Chris Crawford’s .erasmatron

Spring thing intents for the end of the month

Zarf cranking away at implementing python in javascript
Dan parser libraries mention

anjchang recently gave a “intro to IF” to 12 computer science high school students at the Lexington Christian Academy. In 2 hours, they played Snack Time! together and then Shade and 9:05 in pairs. They also asked questions about how IF is written, some of them having played and created IF before this. saw Inform and Twine.

IFTF financial report and fundraising
Jaroslav mentions a project… Czech institute of contemporary history looking to make Czech interactive fiction works accessible
..Zarf suggests at Inform 6 nonenglish parsers
Sinclair spectrum. emulator
Keep content with modern platform
Videogames for humans
Immemory Chris Marker. First CD ROM project

Next meeting April will be Tuesday, April 16, 6:30 pm,