September 2020 Meeting Post Mortem

Sept 2020 PR-IF Meeting

The People’s Republic of Interactive Fiction convened on Wednesday, September 23, 2020. Zarf, kay  (Eaten by a Grue), nickm, Kyle Aulerich, joshua grams, anjchang ,Richard Lamb, David C Thompsen attended. Note: These notes were compiled by Josh Grams. 

Zarf mentioned a PDP-10 emulation project that can now run Zork and the Crowther Adventure and Crowther/Woods Adventure, shared his screen for a bit of that.

Also that the PDP-10 Zork (?) that we have is a binary version, not
compiled from any of the MDL sources: there’s a project to get an MDL
compiler working.

Nick talked about his class and the challenges of virtual teaching: it’s
harder to play interactive things together and takes longer. 9:05, rat
chaos (, something
else I can’t remember?

There’s an Italo Calvino jam (“If on a summer’s night a game designer”)
that ends September 30th, Zarf showed a little of his entry, a 360-view
explorable of his newly-unpacked library with some interactive text and
inventory bits.

Nick’s mind chained to Robin Camille’s 2016 NaNoGenMo project _If on a
winter’s night a library cardholder_

Kyle Aulerich is one of the founders of Mythion Adventures (Nick shared
details on the mailing list). He’s been talking with Nick but this is
his first time checking out a PR-IF meeting.

Eric talked about the Saugus Ghost Stories thing briefly.

Richard Lamb talked about the challenges of trying to procedurally
generate dungeons on old hardware with very limited resources.

Inkle Studios’ new game Pendragon (board game/strategy game inspired
thing with narrative intertwined, of course?) came out maybe yesterday?