November 2020 Meeting Post Mortem

PR-IF November 2020 meetup, Photo Courtesy of Kay Savetz

The People’s Republic of Interactive Fiction convened on Tuesday, November 24, 2020. Zarf, kaysavetz and kgagne (Eaten by a Grue), Richard Lamb,  Mark Savage, anjchang , and nickm welcomed newcomers Stephen Jablonski and Dennis Allen (former Editor-in-Chief of Byte Magazine, now at emax).  Briefly attending were distinguished pets: Kay’s pugs and Mark’s dog. Warning: What follows is probably not proper English, but just my log of notes from the meeting to jog people’s memories:

Kay playing Shogun after his move (Yay Kay & Ken duo together today!)

NIST tours …atomic clocks. National bureau of standards
2017 Leap Second festival convention – 148 participants and residency.
Leap seconds decided six months on advance
Unpredictability of leap seconds Works that don’t exist
AppleSoft typing one line program
Kay’s Twitterbot does laundry and needs a tumblr account
Someone entered a compo entry that was all Twitter bots
Applesoft hooks in ROM
One liner program discussion
Complaints by nickm, an error messages program
searching for lice riddle, similarities between proofreading– nitpicking

Academic paper on checking dryer status

IF Comp in the last week, 7 days to play 103 games
Stephen recommends magpie game sequel Magpie Takes the Train:
Clothes changing game.
Zarf working on inform manual proofreading
errata to inform user’s manual

Internet Archive Flash copy protection
RUFL maybe can emulate server
circling butterflies

nanogenmo procrastination
bad words in rap lyrics
Joseph Conrad’s N word of the narcissist book
We can’t say “avoid like the plague” anymore

Zarf’s drag and drop project demo
containers, doors, the sun & supercontainers
Idea of containers George Lakoff in cogsci
and experimental realism as fundamental to understanding of human experience and language
path image scheme
my front door – led to a room that contained everything outside the world inside it

Nick will talk about Amazing Quest in Seattle Area IF Meetup