December 2020 Meeting Post Mortem

PR IF Meeting 2020 Attendees
PR-IF December 2020

The People’s Republic of Interactive Fiction convened on Tuesday, December 22, 2020.  Zarf, kaysavetz and Carrington (Eaten by a Grue), Josh Grams, Stephen Jablonski, nickm, Hugh Steers, anjchang and Dave Thompsen attended. Warning: What follows is probably not proper English, but just my log of notes from the meeting to jog people’s memories:

Talked about keyboards

IF comp wrapped up, Tie for first place this year , check it out

In 1995, there were multiple first places
Nanogenmo happened-
A lot of GPT2 based projects last year
This year, not as many entries
Nick made use of Kay’s apple 2 bot for his one line basic program
1001 Basic

Kay threw in something for NanoGenMo
51300 baby names
165 days of christmas

Other Nanogenmo:
Alices Adventures in Run-On land
replaces . with ‘, and then’ and also replaces gendered pronouns with non binary words.
Leonard Richardson’s Alices Adventures in the Whale… InDialogue

Many entries are just length, not actual stories:

Self modifying basic program possible on AppleSoft but not C64

Carrington and Kay started playing Shogun on their podcast (Eaten by a Grue),
Using the manual
Like infoCom’s “The Hobbit,” it’s better if you have read the book.
Do people enjoy recreating the book?
Talk about rocky horror picture show and re-enactment.

Book adaptation discussion:
Journey Infocom
Arthur Infocom
Tom Snyder Infocom games
Mines of Titan
Lost Treasures of Infocom
Adaptation of “Animal Farm” by Emily Short

Question from Steve – Anyone know how to make MFS disk images read/writable? Carrington uses AppleCommander for Apple 2 stuff.

Question from Nick – Do people have positive experience taking video from CRTs without using GenLock? Kay suggests iPhone live mode, clears up stripe.

Question from Kay – Someone took Apple 2 Eamon wiki and ported to Atari ST and uploaded to Genie online service. A person wrote four orginal adventures to Aventure’s Genie file library. Have you heard of Oasis in the Desert or The Proving Ground?

Nick got to talk about Amazing Quest at Seattle.
Posted the Q&A about Amazing Quest, a 12-line program for C64.Trick: no need for closing quote at end of BASIC line, representing decimals with .
Currently 2 ports of the game to Python.

10 Line Basic Contest ideas to prepare for
Last year Nick Entered with Jesper Juul

Nick’s amazing quest is actually 12 lines

256 byte IF by Nick

Nick has a blog post about it

Demoscene discussion
Some band used a twitterbot to tweet out that they were awesome

Taper #6: A Throw of the Dice Open Call for Submissions of Interactive HTML5 Works under 2Kb due Feb. 7th.

From a random hacker “: I found a gem!”