October Meeting Post-Mortem

October 2021 PR-IF attendees
Oct 2021 PR-IF meeting attendees

NickM,  Zarf, KaySavetz  (Eaten By A Grue), Hugh, Stephen Eric Jablonski,  Dana,  Mark Pilgrim, Kathryn Li, and anjchang (late) welcomed newcomer (William) Joe Durkin. Warning: What follows is probably not proper English, but just my log of notes from the meeting to jog people’s memories:

IFComp is underway!

Star Saga 2: The Clathran Menace (being scanned for archive.org)

https://www.jesperjuul.net/text/gameofobjects/ — academic paper presented in playable form.

Hugh recovered Temple Of Disrondu, a 1982 BBC Micro game (ported to TRS-80)

Hugh showed off his “spineboy” demo rendering of runtime for web!
Spine (Esoteric Software) https://stvle.s3.amazonaws.com/spineboy/index.html?story=spineboy.str

Discussion about depiction of gore for better ratings

It’s November, so Nanogenmo is on

Notable IFComp games – 4×4 archipelago procedurally generated discovery game
Kidney Kwest education and reinforcement for young kidney patients
The last night of the Alexisgrad two-player IF, you and your partner each take on the role of a leader of a great nation on the last night of a war. 

Mention of Gold machine (http://golmac.org/) a blog of playthough of infocom games, more emphasis on the
literary analysis side. A recent post covered Zork – who is the thief here? You’re doing everything the thief is but you’re despoiling things.