The People’s Republic of Interactive Fiction Presents: Zork


Come and play Zork, where it all started. We will be venturing together into the dungeons of the Great Underground Empire on July 25 from 2:00-5:00 pm, in Building 1, room 135. (Note room change.) Can’t make it? Then join us virtually since we will be broadcasting live on Ustream.

Inspired by Adventure / Colossal Cave, Zork was one of the first text adventure games, developed by a team of students at MIT back in 1977 on a PDP-10. If you’ve never played a text adventure game, this is your chance to experience the joys of playing through the command prompt by joining others in the adventure. If you’re an old Zork hand, help us track down in-jokes and historic references.

Want to spread the word? Grab a flyer and post it on your favorite bulletin board (or perhaps stuff it in the mailbox of your local white house).