Help Grunk Find Lost Pig

Lost Pig

The People’s Republic of Interactive Fiction Presents: Lost Pig

WHEN: Sunday September 12th, 2 – 5 pm
WHERE: MIT Campus, Building 1, Room 135

The as-yet-unnamed Interactive Fiction Playing group meets again to play Lost Pig, an interactive fiction piece in which we guide the orc, Grunk, to find his wayward pig. We’ll go underground, solve puzzles, meet a grumpy gnome, and help Grunk wrap his tiny brain around basic alchemy.

Lost Pig took 1st place at the 13th Annual Interactive Fiction Competition in 2007, and won Best Game, Best Writing, Best Individual NPC, Best Individual Player Character at the XYZZY awards in the same year.

If you have not played interactive fiction (a.k.a. text adventures) before, this is your chance to learn the basics. If you already know how to play, come and experience how fun it is to play interactive fiction with a room full of people. So join the hunt and help Grunk spread the word! If you can’t make it, you can still join us virtually since we will be broadcasting live on UStream.