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  • Narrascope Day 1 Trip report 2019

    You find yourself outside on a sunny Friday afternoon. The notification on your phone tells you that it is Friday, June 14th, 2019. Almost 6:30 pm and you’re rushing to make sure you’re early for the first day of Narrascope. You hustle into the Stata, and are greeted by the friendly people at the registration…

  • Our June meeting will be NarraScope

    We will not be meeting in the Trope Tank in June. Instead, join us at NarraScope 2019, June 14-16, in MIT building 32! Registration closes on Friday, so decide soon… Note that if you’re local and you want to experience NarraScope for free, you can volunteer at the conference. Volunteers can help out for part…

  • Fall 2018 Interactive Fiction Final Class at MIT Trip Report

    On Dec. 11, 2018,15 projects were presented for the Fall 2018 Interactive Fiction Final Class taught by Nick Montfort. The projects were varied in aesthetic and depth, but here are some themes that were covered: Nightmares Different ways of dying Blood A dragon piece that asked the protagonist to retell their story and used metalepsis Alerts…

  • Boston FIG 2018!



    (This photo was taken before the room opened, before anybody was there.) There we were for another year of IF outreach. We had Hollywood Hijinx (original 1980s hardware!) and The Wizard Sniffer out. People played both of them. Thanks to Naomi Hinchen for helping at the table, and Nick Montfort for lending the Apple //c.

  • January IF readings at MIT

    PR-IF is pleased to announce an interactive fiction reading series for MIT’s IAP (January). We will get together to play one IF game each week. We’ll play group-style: one player will read the story as it unfolds, but the group will decide what to do every turn. Each session will be 90 minutes of play…

  • IF events at Boston FIG

    The Boston Festival of Independent Games is coming up on September 13 at MIT. PR-IF will have a table demoing local IF. We also have two events scheduled: Interactive Fiction Tutorial: Twine and Inform 7 (11:00 am – 11:45 am, Stata 144) Caelyn Sandel and Andrew Plotkin show two popular IF tools, and give lightning…

  • November meetup

    The Boston IF meetup for November will be Saturday, November 9, 4:00 pm, MIT room 14N-233. (Note unusual day and time!) Special guest Emily Short will be demonstrating the authoring tools behind Versu.

  • Boston IF Gathering, Sept 14-15



    A reminder: the PR-IF will be attending the Boston Festival of Independent Games, all day on Saturday, Sept 14th, at MIT. Visit our table in the FIG showcase hall, MIT’s Johnson Athletic Center. 3pm to 5pm: Experience a public reading of Lost Pig, a classic IF work about an orc and his pig: MIT Stratton…

  • Boston summer IF meetup!



    As in years past, the People’s Republic of Interactive Fiction is organizing a summer gathering of the IF folks of the world. If you are interested in hanging out and talking about IF, you are invited! The weekend: September 14-15. The locale: Boston (the MIT area). Once again, we will be gathering at NoShowConf, a…

  • IF Weekend in Boston

    Several IF-related events are happening this weekend, so join your friends of the Republic and others. Here’s a quick list of festivities: Gather round the dinner table at The Tavern in the Square (in Central Square) on Friday, July 13th. We’ll be meeting up around 7pm. Just come on in and ask for the Interactive…